Friday, February 13, 2009


If you could ask anyone, living or not, any question what would it be?? This was the subject of our 11th challenge in the ADSR. We could only use one photo and the only words the could be on our layout was our question. No explanations and no answers to the questions. This proved to be a very thought provoking challenge. But there was one question that I ask myself everyday, as I'm sure most of you have too....

Credits: Wishful Whimsy by Shilo Schwab

Challenge #10

Challenge #10 was a roadblock challenge. For this, one of us (me) had to ask our partner (Christina) five questions and then scrap a layout and have the Q&A as our journaling. An extra stipulation was that we had to use items from 2 designers, no more no less. So here is our layout for challenge 10.

Credits: Alpha Simply Worn by Digital Couture; Everything else - Little Picasso by Lottchen


1. Where do you like to scrap your layouts? At my computer desk in my bedroom, sometimes at the kitchen table. I have laptop so pretty much anywhere.

2. What's the latest you stayed up to finish a layout? I have stayed up to about 2am sometimes later

3. What do you do to get those creative juices flowing? i look at other layouts to get ideas.

4. What is your absolute favorite thing about digital scrapbooking? The ability to manipulate the photos, and being able to be more creative with it.

5. How do you balance your personal/family time with scrapbooking time? I scrap when the boys are at school, when they are busy with other things or at bedtime.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Challenge 9

Vintage dreams by Cali, Happyscrap Mycrevette

Hot Chocolate Missvivi, nini,Sylvi

Shew fly SherrieJD key

Ballent Dream by Symphonie lace ribbon

These are pictures on my Dad side.

The first two are his parents' parents.

The second one is Him, brothers and Parents

The last one is my Dad.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Challenge #9

This time we had to have at least 2 generations pictured on our layout. I knew what I wanted to do with this one right away. A layout with pics of my mom and myself would work perfectly. When I was a kid, people would tell me I look just like my mother and I HATED it. It was during that "I'm going to pretend I don't have parents at all" stage. Now that I'm older and can recognize what a wonderful woman my mother is, I can embrace the fact that we look so much alike. So here is my layout.

Serendipity by Lisa West
Lace ribbon - Holly Jolly Blog Train (Kez Creates)
Clock (altered) - Vintage Colors by Moi from Digi Crea

Monday, February 2, 2009

Challenge 8

I scrap lifted this one for the challenge;ppuser=15791

Evoking bu Joyful Heart Designs

winterspell by Scrapmulin

Toystore by Digital Crea

Vintage Dreams by Cali, happyScrap, My Crevette

behind the Reeds Gwenn, Timette, Symphonie, Manue

Tout Doux cy chriscrap

Brand New Day Birdies in the House by Anita Stergiou Designs

On the Beach by waterlo

Challenge 7

Sunrise Special by Sunshine Studios

Monday, January 26, 2009

ADSR Challenge #7

For challenge #7, we were given an adorable mini kit from sunshine studio scraps. We had to use every piece of the mini kit to make our layout. We could alter or recolor pieces of the kit and we were allowed to add things from other kits as well if we wanted to. Here is mine:

Credits: Sunshine Special from Sunshine Studio Scraps.